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In  marriage and relationship as a whole, we all have a choice as to whether we should remain in it or not. As one part of a couple you want to feel valued, respected and loved. When those ingredients are not present and you are being controlled, that is called abuse. Constant disrespect and not being appreciated are some of the hallmarks of an abusive relationship. Physical violence doesn’t have to be present but when it is that just heightens the need for you not to remain in that union. It’s your choice but I believe that you know in your heart it’s Time To Go!

Read this book to learn how you can safely leave.

This book is intended to give you inspiration, information and motivation about how you or someone you know; who is in an abusive relationship can wisely and skilfully leave the toxic situation.

The reason I chose “Time to Go: Leaving Emotional Abuse and other forms of Abusive Relationships”, is because I believe I should not dress up the title of the book. I wrote this book for individuals in unhealthy, volatile romantic relationships. I want you to know without a doubt that you can escape this cycle; even if you believe that you are so dependent on your abuser, that you can’t see how you can survive without them. Actually, that is how he or she is unconsciously programming you to think.  It will take a change of thinking to start the process to your freedom.

You were born with a purpose, as the great motivational speaker Mr Les Brown puts it, ‘you have greatness within you’. You have a contribution to make to others, including your children, wider family, friends and community. The world is waiting for the true, stress-free you to show up and inspire us.

Today, information is at our fingertips but many times we have to sort through what is there, before we can get exactly what we require. I want to give you the information that you need so that you are empowered. This book does just that. I personally suffered through years of abuse but I am now free from that physical and mental enslavement. Today, I am in a very happy, healthy relationship and now dedicate part of my life to helping wives get clear on the relationship they are in and move forward to happiness and fulfilment.

I understand how difficult it is even to contemplate leaving; where do you start?! Get this book and keep it safe, it will guide you through the process. I take you through from identifying the type and signs of abuse to how to leave; what to take and possible places you can go to get the finance you will need. In addition, you don’t have to be alone on this journey; in the book I invite you to join us in our supportive communities. You will be able to get advice, help and support as best as is practically possible. You can also give support to other victims as we all move forward.  So here is an entire book you can use, to inspire you and others on how to free yourself from abuse.

We all just want to live our life as happy and stress-free as possible. We should not be controlled by another human being. We were born free and that is how we ought to live. My friend it is time for you to set yourself free, it is Time To Go!