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New Guidelines on Coercive Control

Earlier today I had the opportunity to contribute to a LBC (London Broadcasting Company) live radio discussion about new Police guidelines on Coercive Control, which is a form of Domestic Abuse. For those who don’t know Coercive Control refers to the abuse of a person by violating their Human Rights and liberty. Many times in the past a woman had to prove that she was physically violated but coercive control does away with that myth. The emphasis is on whether an incident is disempowering to a victim; even if it seemed insignificant to anyone else. Sadly a lot of individuals are subjecting their partner to this type of abuse without realising it. You are probably in a coercively controlled relationship if you feel like you have to ask your partner for permissions such as to make decisions, to go to work, to speak to certain people, to go out with friends, to wear certain clothes or makeup or to access joint finances. In addition, if a spouse is monitoring their partner’s calls, emails, Social Media, etc, all of these incidences are forms of coercive control. A number of the methods of Coercive Control are not seen as an offence on their own. The tactics adopted may pass as part of gendered roles in everyday lives and may be barely noticeable but their root lie in sexual inequality and discrimination. The practice is wrong and should not be tolerated or deemed acceptable.

In the UK you can be imprisoned for up to 5 years if you are successfully prosecuted for this offence.

The new College of Policing guidance, which focuses on the dynamics of abusive relationships, is designed to help officers prosecute without relying on victims’ evidence. It gives Police the opportunity to question the alleged victim, other members of the household and neighbours about the current and past incidents during their investigation. The guidance also advises senior officers about the need for specialist staff to deal with cases of abuse and ensure victims receive the best possible support possible.

According to the BBC online News, ‘The College is releasing a “toolkit” for officers who are first at the scene of an incident, as well as checklists for call handlers and counter staff in police stations for when they are contacted about domestic abuse.’


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6 Things you can learn - Unless You Are Physically Imprisoned

Relationship Abuse Book by Norva Abiona Ranked as Amazon #1 and International Bestseller

(Newswire.net — September 8, 2015) Chatham, Kent — Entitled Time to Go! Leaving Emotional Abuse and Other Forms of Abusive Relationships: Your Guide on How to Leave Your Abusive Spouse Quickly and Safely Even If You Have No Money, the book has been downloaded numerous times, resulting in it gaining the ranking of Amazon International Bestseller in multiple catogeries. To date the book has peaked at the coveted #1 position in one of its categories.

Time to Go is an informative and instructional Book combining the personal account of author, Norva, along with giving advice to women who are trapped in abusive relationships. The book provides details of the author’s life as an abused wife and how she escaped, intertwined with facts and a number of steps to guide its readers in dealing with similar situations and starting over.
In order to make the book widely accessible, Norva offers a Kindle version on Amazon, allowing abused women and other interested readers to get the information at a very reasonable cost. In addition, a paperback version is available at a competitive price. Amazon shoppers have been taking advantage of both versions, resulting in the bestseller rank being bestowed on the publication.
Relationship abuse, also known as domestic abuse, is a global problem affecting many women and men. Having escaped from her ordeal, Norva decided to pen the book as an empowerment and educational tool. The book is broken down into several segments to enhance readability and make it easier for readers to follow the advice and steps. They include a synopsis on abuse, Norva’s survival story and a chapter dedicated to raising finance to fund your leaving. There is also a helpful step-by-step guide on how abused individuals can start a new life.
“I so appreciate this book and its Author Norva Semoy Abiona. Being a domestic abuse survivor, I recommend this book to anyone who may be experiencing the same abuse I suffered. Please know that there is hope and a chance to survive. Norva is an awesome author,” said Author Tina A. Hobson, a verified Amazon reviewer who gave the book full marks.

About Norva Semoy Abiona

Norva Abiona is a Relationship Coach, #1 Amazon Bestselling International Author, Motivational Speaker and Mentor. She is the founder and CEO of Real Fulfillment International the parent company of The Wise Wife and My Choice Marriage. She is known as The Relationship Change Catalyst as she promotes to wives how they can ‘Overcome through Change.’ Norva is dedicated to helping dispirited wives who may be feeling frustrated or fearful to turn those situations around so they can live a more fulfilled life. Get your copy of Time to Go! Leaving Emotional Abuse and Other Forms of Abusive Relationships.

Norva Semoy Abiona

Norva Semoy Abiona
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Manipulation In Marriage

The word manipulation certainly does not have good implications. When one manipulates someone, the first things that come to mind are handling selfishly and cunningly, so as to gain something in return. Therefore, when manipulation happens in a marriage, it absolutely does not bode well. Marriage should be built on mutual love, respect, understanding and positivity. It should be about a couple working together to build a happy and fulfilling future in the relationship. So if there is manipulation present, one of the spouses is suffering, as the other spouse (the manipulator) is doing things that will be in his or her favour only.

One of the main problems with manipulation in marriage is that often the spouse that is being manipulated does not even realise it. First of all we all expect to be treated well by our spouse, and when this does not happen, we may fail to notice how bad it is becoming as we go along. Moreover, all manipulative people have the tendency of twisting your thoughts and sometimes even actions, and so you end up being moulded into somebody else, who, at the end of the day, serves the spouse’s purposes and preferences. The victim gets lost in the process, as he or she cannot be their authentic self.

A manipulative spouse could be forcing his or her insecurities on you or make you doubt yourself. Often, that person will make you feel responsible for whatever happens. If he or she feels down, they manages to make you feel responsible for it, even if you do not have anything to do with it. Manipulative spouses will manage to make you feel guilty easily. They will also make you want what they want, even if deep down it is not something you really like or look forward to.

If you think you are in a manipulative marriage, it is important that you try to do something about it. Such a relationship is not just unhealthy but toxic and it is a form of relationship abuse, no matter how subtle it show up.

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Quick Tips On How To Gain More Confidence In Yourself

Lack of confidence and self-esteem is an experience that lots of people go through. If you feel that you lack self-confidence it is important that you try to do something about it because self-confidence will fuel your energy and willpower to succeed in various aspects of your life. Try to understand why you have a lack of self-confidence. Then make a simple action plan so as to address those weak points. For example, if you do not have the courage to speak up in your relationship about how you are truly feeling, challenge yourself to do it. Setting measurable goals and working to achieve them will help you gain self-confidence little by little. Creating a support network with people who support your efforts is also helpful. Also, try to take good care of yourself physically, stay as positive as you possibly can and optimistic. Spend time reading and listening to motivational content, this will help remind you of your strengths and how to remain confident even in difficult circumstances or situations. Finally do things differently, if you are not getting the results you want with your present actions then change is necessary.