Our Courses are here to help you get in-depth and precise knowledge on Domestic Abuse and is based on the Book Time to Go! Leaving Emotional Abuse and Other Forms of Abusive Relationships: Your Guide on How to Leave Your Abusive Spouse Quickly and Safely Even If You Have No Money.


Time To Go: How To Safely Leave An Abusive Relationship!

This comprehensive course is a Step by Step guide on how to safely and successfully leave an abusive relationship quickly, even if you have no money. It covers all the steps in the Book Time To Go. It is like an A-Z of getting you clear on what is abuse straight through to how you can find funding to leave an abusive spouse and settle into your new abuse-free life.


Am I Experiencing Domestic Abuse and Is It Time To Go?

This  is an introductory course to the course Time To Go. If offers a  Step by Step guide on how to know if someone is experiencing abuse and helps them figure out Is It Time To Go!