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3 Ways To Help Children Heal After Witnessing Domestic Abuse

3 Ways To Help Children Heal After Witnessing Domestic Abuse

Children who witness domestic abuse will be traumatize, whether you realize it or not. They will benefit from having special care and attention to help them open up about the effects. The longer the child lives in this environment, the more complex their symptoms may be. You may not be in the best frame of mind since you are the one who has suffered from the abuse but your children need you. Here are some possible actions that you may consider to assist your child with the healing process.

3 Ways To Help Children Heal After Witnessing Domestic Abuse

Speak Honestly With Your Child 

It is important to talk with your child about what is happening. Ensure that the conversation is age appropriate. Listen carefully to what is said. Do not attempt to force your child to speak about anything they do not want to. Be patient, gentle and calm. Try not to do anything to push your child further away. Speak as simply as you can to avoid misunderstandings or confusion. As your child opens up to you about how they are feeling, be realistic and honest with your answers. This may affect their trust in you. For example, you telling your child that the abuse will not happen again and then it does. Your child may learn to distrust adults. They may lose confidence in you. Do not make promises that you cannot keep. If the child is not up to speaking, then you can try spending more time with them. You can play a game that they enjoy. Depending on the age of the child, you could read with them or engage in a household activity that requires you to work closely together, for example, cooking. You can use these activities to strengthen your bond with your child so they will communicate with you when they are ready.

3 Ways To Help Children Heal After Witnessing Domestic Abuse

Reassure Your Child

Your child may have developed different feelings such as fear or resentment. You may need to reassure them. You can start by regularly checking in on them so that they can feel your love and know that you value them. Physical contact is important. You can hug or lightly touch them in a motherly way, as much as they will allow. Do not be put off by a teen that may make a fuss about this. They may just be putting on a show. Assert your love for your child and seek to reduce any anger or hatred they may feel. If your child is exhibiting unacceptable behaviour, then you can make clear what is expected of them. If the abuser is still present in your life, then you can let your child know that you will do everything that you can to keep them safe. Now, if you say you will do that and don’t this will have negative repercussions. You should also make an emergency plan and drill your child in what they are to do if you decide to take action and leave.

3 Ways To Help Children Heal After Witnessing Domestic Abuse

Encourage Your Child To Join A Club Or Group

It may be difficult to get your child to join a group. However, there are many benefits to them participating in shared activities. So do not give up easily. Be aware that your child may not integrate quickly in that new environment. Be present as often as possible so that you can determine their progress. Being a part of a club or group will allow your child to interact socially with others of the same or similar ages. This may lead to new friendships and acceptance. These are important for your child’s development and a group may give them a safe place that they can enjoy. There are many options available in different clubs, from active to intellectual, as well as volunteering for a good cause. If you are unable to find an extracurricular activity for your child, then you may want to consider occupying their time yourself. This can be done by taking walks, or by an artistic outlet, for example, painting. If this is the decision you make, you can still encourage your child to make friends because this may contribute to their confidence and overall happiness.

Having a safe and loving environment is not only important for your child but certainly for you as well. If you are still living with abuse, then please get a copy of the book “Time To Go”. It has important information about how to leave an abusive relationship. It also identifies the different types of abuse. You can use the information gained to help you make an informed decision.


5 Signs Your Husband May Be A Narcissist

5 Signs Your Husband May Be A Narcissist

Narcissism is a word that has become widely misused. So let us start by defining what it is. Narcissism is a personality disorder and can vary in its severity. People who have this disorder may not be able to overcome it on their own and may need professional help. The term originates from Greek mythology, where the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water. People with this condition have an extreme sense of self-importance, need excessive attention and lack empathy for others. These are not good attributes to have in a relationship and especially a marriage. While it requires a professional to officially diagnose this condition, here are 5 signs your husband may be a narcissist. If you have any concerns be on the lookout for these and others.

5 Signs Your Husband May Be A Narcissist

He Sees Himself As “Special”

Every life has value and is special. But does your husband seek to have everyone believe that he is special? This may be easier seen if he portrays himself this way with little to back up the claim or he lies about his achievements. A narcissist will portray everything about their life as unique but only as it regards to them. For example, your husband may say that you as his wife is special, but only because he is special. You will come to know that he does not really view you in this way but only puts on a show. He may use the excuse that only someone like him can truly understand him or his genius. This may be a way to seek superiority without providing any validation that he actually is.

He Has A History Of Grandiose Behaviour

Does your husband have a history that predates your relationship, with extravagant behaviour and arrogance? Does he insist on having the best of everything regardless of his family’s financial status? You may have to question his family and old friends to determine this but do so in a friendly manner. You could ask them about any enterprises in his teen years or what he did with his first paycheck? Does he have a history of taking advantage of or exploiting others to get what he wants? In this way, you may be able to see a pattern of actions that are red flags that they haven’t seen.

He Doesn’t Really Care About Others

Does your husband seem not to care about you or your feelings? People who are narcissistic may lack empathy or the ability to share and understand the feelings of others. This is not a deliberate act but is usually due to their self-consciousness and self-doubt. They are so concerned with their appearance and how to make others think more of them that they cannot empathize with others. They turn every situation into a reflection on them and not think about anyone else involved. Does your husband only show interest in you or your children if there is something that can make him look good? If this is the case, then he may be narcissistic.

5 Signs Your Husband May Be A Narcissist

He Is Overly Jealous And Competitive

Is your husband jealous of people who are successful or have major accomplishments? This may be because he is faced with a problem his mental state cannot accept. That is someone being better than he is. If he is obsessively competitive even with you or your children, then that may be his way of creating accomplishments. He may then brag about his many accomplishments to distinguish himself as being unique, superior and or special. He may not be aware that others see this as trivial and may become defensive if anyone disagrees.

He Has A Sense Of Entitlement

Does your husband feel that he deserves special treatment or consideration when there is no proof that he should get it? This may be shown if he expects to be singled out in a crowd or excluded from waiting with others. For example, if you go to a restaurant and there is a waiting period, but he makes a scene to gain attention. A narcissistic complex requires constant recognition and admiration, which can be embarrassing to those around. It is especially hard if you disagree or try to rein him in because he may turn on you. His sense of entitlement may lead him to take advantage of you verbally and physically if he is denied.

If you recognize any of the above-mentioned signs please feel free to reach out to me for support and advice or get your copy of my Amazon bestseller ‘Time to Go’, which is packed with sound and practical advice and guidance about abusive relationships, including what you can do if he may be a narcissist Remember, you will need to seek professional help to know this for sure. It may be difficult to convince him to seek treatment because he may not accept that he has a problem. Please seek the necessary information you need to get help, you deserve to be happy and abuse free.

How To Heal And Rebuild Your Life After Leaving Abuse

How To Heal And Rebuild Your Life After Leaving Abuse

You have taken charge of your life by leaving your abusive relationship and you are to be applauded for taking that step. Now begins the road to recovery, which will take time as you rediscover yourself and the world around you. This article may assist you along this new journey with some pointers for you to consider.


How To Heal And Rebuild Your Life After Leaving Abuse


Do Not Start A New Intimate Relationship too soon

Many women make the mistake of starting a new relationship within months of leaving their abuser. There is a high probability that this may not work out because you are not ready for a relationship as yet. You need time to build your self-confidence and know your self-worth before you even think of letting someone else into your private life. If a potential suitor presents himself shortly after you have left your abuser, tell him that you are not ready. A true gentleman does not pressure a lady. There will be more opportunities for you to find love again when you are whole.

Develop A Comfortable Routine

To help with the healing process, it is wise to plan your day to day activities. A structure is an important step in recovery. You may start slowly and add more activities as your confidence grows. Do not berate yourself if you are unable to get everything done. Commit to continue pushing yourself. If you persevere with organizing your life, you may become more accepting of yourself and where you are. You will know that you are able to live your life without anyone directing your actions for you.

Welcome to the second and final part of this series. If you missed the first article, don’t worry because this is not in any particular order. You can always view it after reading this one. Let's take a look at some other lessons that you can learn from being a survivor of abuse. This may help you with making the decision to wanting a better life for yourself. Staying in Abuse for Financial Benefits Never Results in Your Happiness. Money and possessions are not worth the emotional or physical abuse because you may develop bad coping mechanisms. You may become withdrawn, afraid to express yourself and establish bad spending habits. This may encourage your husband to abuse you. The days of men looking down on women because they are taking care of the household and not earning an income are over. Your value is unquestionable and accepting abuse for monetary reasons may erode your confidence and spirit. In essence you give up your freedom and become a slave to your husband who will treat you in any manner that he wishes. You should consider getting out of this situation by spreading your wings and seeking your financial freedom. You can accomplish anything that you put your will and effort into. It’s Never Wise to Stay With a Well Known Relative or Friend When You Leave a Violent Abuser This will be the first place that your abuser will come looking for you. This may result in others getting hurt as well. Your husband is not likely thinking rationally or considering that he will not want to cause a scene. You are in a dangerous position with someone who may be mentally unstable. This is not the loving husband you may have known. There is a high chance that your husband will show up at your family’s or friend’s residence. So ensure that you are not there. This will reduce the chances of a violent encounter. When you leave, please go to a shelter or a trusted acquaintance that cannot easily be traced. People Who Encourage You to Stay in Domestic Abuse are Often Victims or Abusers Themselves Generally speaking, people will give their opinion based on their own personal experience. This may be the case if someone encourages you to stay in an abusive relationship. You should consider distancing yourself from these people. They may have their own demons to wrestle with so they may not be able to properly advise you. Someone wise and knowledgeable about the potential consequences of abuse will embolden you to find a way out. You should not stay in a situation that may be mentally or physically detrimental to you. Do Not Return to an Unreformed Abuser The more you forgive and return to an unreformed abuser is the more severe the abuse may get. An abuser who feels embarrassed or shunned by your behaviour may look for ways to get back at you. If you return to him then you may be saying, “It’s okay to punish me for telling others the truth of how you treat me”. Do not fool yourself. This is the same person. He does not believe that there is anything wrong with how he treats you. If he has not taken any steps to change, then he may continue to hurt you. It is good to forgive, but move on with a life without him after you have done so. You Don’t Need to Have a Large Sum of Money to Leave an Abuser If you make a plan that covers everything that you will need, then you should be okay. You should get trustworthy support as you try to get back on your feet away from your abuser. Do not make hasty decisions that may put you at risk of another abuser. Be very careful with whom you accept help from. You do not want to be put in a similar position as the one you left. Unless You Are Physically Imprisoned Then You have the Power to Leave If you are not physically bound or imprisoned by your abuser, you always have the power to leave your relationship. You just have to say “Enough, I will no longer be a victim” and make up your mind that you want to be free from abuse. You can be happy if you get the support to put your plan in place and the commitment to follow through with it. Only you can decide if you want to have a better life. Do not give others this power over you. Please note that you can find more detailed information about abuse and how to leave for a better life in my Amazon bestseller book, "Time to Go". Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment your thoughts and experiences as we continue to empower women to their own independence and happiness.


Reconnect With Family And Friends

There is a high chance that your ex-abuser had influenced you to rely solely on him and cease or reduce communications with your family and friends. You may feel reluctance at first due to the circumstances that led to severing these relations. Be assured that you can overcome this. The people who love you will be understanding and may even have been aware of your plight and felt helpless to assist you. Put your pride aside. Do not be afraid to talk about your experience. This is a necessary part of your recovery.

Engage In Group Activities

 Joining a support group for abuse victims is a good way to find strength, motivation and closure. If you are not up to being around strangers as yet, you may get started by taking a class. This will help you to get out and about with people in a more comfortable environment of your choosing. It is suggested to get active. An exercise class or something that takes you outdoors, for example hiking with a group, would be a good start. If you were physically abused, you may consider taking a self-defense class to help empower you. Of course, you can always go out dancing with your friends if you are so inclined and burn some calories while having fun.

Seek Divine Guidance

If you have never felt driven to follow a religion, then you should seek harmony and balance in your inner self. Putting your soul at ease may be the most important piece of the recovery process. It does not matter which faith or creed you follow. The important thing is to reconnect with God spiritually. You may have felt that God abandoned you in an abusive relationship with a man you may now see as a devil. But this was never so. You were always provided with a means to end your abuse through His love for you. Do not mistake the trials and difficulties in your life as a punishment from God. By reconnecting with your Heavenly Father, you are recommitting to doing what is right for your life through His guidance and love.

The healing and rebuilding process after an abusive relationship does not happen overnight. This may take many years to complete. Do not be ashamed to cry or feel self-pity because these things are normal. Take things slowly and make a note of the progress that you make. This will aid you in taking greater control of your life and getting back to a normal life. You can find more detailed information about healing and rebuilding your life in my Amazon bestseller book, “Time to Go“.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month #HelpASisterOut

domestic violence monthIt’s that time again Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Most likely at least one of your colleagues is experiencing this and may or may not have hinted about it. My encouragement to you in the brief article is that you make it a point to help someone that you know or suspect is in an abusive relationship. Let’s be our sisters, brothers and colleagues’ keeper. No one deserves to live in fear, control or die at the hands of the person they fell in love with. #HelpASisterOut #HelpABrotherOut

If you are reading this and you are experiencing domestic abuse or think that you might be but you’re not sure, let’s help you get clear. The following link is being offered for you to have FREE access to a course that will help you get the clarity you need.

Am I Experiencing Domestic Abuse

Feel free to share it with others during this month; knowledge is potential power. People can then act on the information towards a brighter future. No we can’t help everyone but you can help someone. I remember what it was like to be in an abusive relationship while being in full time employment. I would put on the smile as I left the house and wonder if I would ever be free again. It’s not easy to function at your fullest capacity at work knowing what you are facing at home. There are many reasons why people decide not to share; many times they are afraid of being judged, blamed or seen as less than…

For a confidential conversation about Domestic Abuse Email norva@thewisewife.comFor daily relationship nuggets go to

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Loving Mother, Tenacious Warrior, Abused Wife…We Salute You On Mother’s Day

mother and daughterAs I sit down to pen these words, I’m contemplating what some aspects of the word abused are. If we look at it as an acronym, we could say:





Emotionally Violated


Let’s break down each one a bit individually.

Anxious woman, you mother your children daily and push through the dread and worry that lives in the pit of your stomach on a daily basis. Anxiety can paralyze us as people, and yet you are somehow, unfathomably, able to surmount this anxiety and press on. We salute you, anxious mother.

indian mum and baby

Battered woman, you mother your children in spite of the fact that you yourself may be bruised and beaten. You may even be using your own body as a shield between your abuser and your babies. You may have broken bones or be broken in spirit, yet you persevere every second of every minute of every day. We salute you, battered mother.

Undermined woman, you are trying so hard to stand for what is right and true for your children. For every step forward you take with them, your partner may be undermining and circumventing what you are trying to accomplish. Yet, you stay the course and you continue to try every day. We salute you, undermined mother.

mother and son

Sexualized woman, you have been objectified, misunderstood, and sex is not on your terms, but someone else’s. You are the guardians of the purity of your babies, even while yours may have been stolen from you an eon ago, or on a regular basis. Hold your head high as you walk through the room. In your heart and soul you are as beautiful and as pure as the freshly fallen snow. We salute you, sexualized mother.

Emotionally violated woman, we grieve for your wounded heart. You gather your children close to you and tell them that everything will be alright even when you may feel like giving up. You must have cried yourself to sleep at least 1,000 times, and yet you rise again for your children to tell them there is still hope in the world. We salute you, emotionally violated mother.

black mum and daughter

Devalued woman, you have been told over and over by your abuser that you are without worth. Yet when you look at your children, you see them as priceless treasure and you would lay down and die for them. Some days life is so brutally hard when you have been told you are so small and of so little consequence to anyone. Beautiful daughter, you are the apple of your Heavenly Father’s eye, and beloved by Him. You may not be able to believe that for yourself yet, even though you know how precious your children are. You carry on every day for those you have been entrusted to mother. We salute you, devalued mother.

mother and daughters

As I write this, people everywhere are yearning for the day when you will rise and stand in your beauty, grace, dignity, and power. We are longing for the day when you will be emotionally, physically, and spiritually free to be your authentic selves. We are all trembling in anticipation of the day when you will own your power, Warrior Queen. We cannot wait to embrace you in solidarity as you step into your powerful destiny. However, today, on Mothering Sunday, we salute you, precious woman who mothers’ children despite all you are facing yourself. Shine on…

For more information and support in leaving domestic abuse check out our website.

10 Top Tips To Help The Abused Wife Survive Valentines Day

woman sad diary val

It’s that time of the year again. Some people may consider this just an ordinary day but let’s all be honest, this day has become a phenomenon all over the globe. It’s a holiday to some, an ordinary day for a few but  Valentine’s Day is an exceptionally celebrated day and every person has  their own feelings towards it.

On this romance-focused day, a lot of women in particular are excited to  celebrate this with their partners. However, there are also a lot of people  that are not overly fond of taking time out to celebrate their love for  their significant other; instead they are looking for ways in which they  can ultimately survive it. I would like for us to spare a thought for some  of those people, in particular the women who are in abusive  relationships.

If you could take a look at the diary of an abused wife, you may see the  frustration, torment, disrespect and fear that she’s been having on a regular or even daily basis. For many of these abused victims Valentines Day itself can be overwhelming and even feel soul-destroying because it was supposed to be an amazing and special day – a celebration of love. However, due to circumstances surrounding her, it may seem as though this day is just a painful reminder of the misery and agony that she’s been receiving from her unrelenting partner. The period is not an expression of affection but a tense time that is more like a commemoration of the hurt and anguish that she is experiencing emotionally, physically, sexually, or even financially and psychologically.

The best decision for a wife or any victim of abuse to take is to first acknowledge that they are in an unhealthy or toxic situation. The next key decision is to make plans to leave and then to do just that – leave. It does not serve her or anyone else involved by staying, except the abuser who sees her as an object to reduce to little or no self-worth for their senseless gain. But the fact is that some victims are with their abusers for Valentines’ so the important thing is learning how to cope and survive the so-called celebration.

I have thought long and hard about what advice I would have given to myself when I was still in my abusive relationship, or to those in that situation right now. So, how do you make the day and period as mentally and physically ‘painfree’ as it could possibly be? Here are ten tips that should aid in surviving Valentine’s Day.

  1. Put On A Valentine Surprise

What did you say Norva? Yes, you heard me correctly; go all out within your budget like you would have done in the past. You are still in the relationship; give him something to remember this Valentines’. If you still have any bit of love for him, that feeling should make it easier for you. I know that he’s abusing you but hear me out, there’s some merit in the message. This advice, like all the others, will be a wise approach for your self-preservation and to keep him off the trail that you will be leaving soon once this abusive actions continue; keep this in mind while preparing your surprise for him on this special day.

Put a lot of thought into it. What does he really want? What are his favourites places to go or things to do that ’s within your price range? This is a bonus tip – stay within budget as what he may consider over-spending can also lead to him getting very angry and that could overshadow the event. Okay, back to my main point. You can go out and celebrate. Go to his favorite restaurant. This way, if he thinks of hitting at you in any way, he just might hold back because you are in a public place.

However, if he is not in the mood to go out, have a Plan B and cook his favourite meal. Get some romantic tunes in the music player and serve him your specialty; just minimise on the wine if that is a trigger on his abusive tendencies.

After feeding him, you may want to present him with a gift. A special one – perhaps a watch, a polo shirt, or his favorite set of golf clubs etc. Maybe this will open his eyes to seeing your compassionate and giving heart.

man val

  1. No Matter What, Don’t Get Into An Argument

In an abusive relationship arguments can be a trigger for your abusive partner to emotionally or physically hurt you. Valentine’s day can place unanticipated feelings of guilt, remorse and confusion onto some people. Your husband might be the one feeling a little down or agitated on the day. If something he says is not something you agree with just let it go and try your best to cheer him up.

  1. Don’t Insult His Integrity At This Time

As I’ve said earlier, some men feel a little different during Valentine’s day because of the celebration being presented upon the day and some may feel that they are not doing enough for their significant others compared to other men who are giving new jewelry, romantic weekend breaks and even proposing to their significant others.

It is not a good idea to open debate with him making comparisons with what other couples are doing; you never know he may already be feeling bad about what he has or hasn’t done for you on Valentine’s Day.

If you are out in public with other friends and loved ones, be extra cautious with your words. Don’t make him feel inferior, belittled or insecure. I know a guy who punched up his wife in front of their children and his wife’s family and he was prepared to do even more damage if others didn’t restrain him.

  1. Don’t Blurt Out I’m Leaving You…

Even if he’s telling you negative things. Sometimes abusers are just looking for an excuse to strike. He may be a bit on edge and he may rattle you to the point just so you’ll be tempted to answer him back and cause arguments and fights. Just let him be. Try to have a calm demeanor all throughout the day.  

lady sad window val

  1. Don’t Go Telling Many Others Your Plans To Leave

I would suggest that you only tell two or three trusted supporters. They don’t have to be family or friends but may be a lawyer, a representative from a domestic violence shelter, very close and trusted family or friends.

Yes, it is healthy to share your plans but choose your support person/s carefully. You should have a steady support system that will appreciate and stand by you whatever circumstance you may be in. It is immensely powerful to have some people that care about your best interest and who can wisely guide and support you in your decisions.

A word of warning: Try your best not to tell his family; no matter how close you are to any of them – they are his flesh and blood. Your in-laws may inadvertently put you in harms way by mentioning your plan to your spouse or having a conversation that hints enough at your thoughts and decision.

  1. If He Wants Sex Give Him Willingly

Unless you are horribly sick or have any other health reason, be prepared for his sexual advances and if he does ask, willingly give him sex. That may be the activity that will reduce any tension or stress for him at that time. If you have any reason to be in fear for catching a STD or need to protect yourself from getting pregnant then once it’s possible use protection. It’s all about keeping composure while looking after what’s in your best interest.

  1. Listen To Your Inner Guidance / Spirit Leading / Gut Feeling

No matter what, if you feel uncomfortable or uneasy about doing something go with your gut.

Your conscience is a powerful tool that should be used for guidance especially in situations with an abusive partner. As you know him well enough to know what many of his triggers are and when he is able to strike, stay away from those circumstances.

  1. Don’t Believe They’ve Changed Just Because Of Nice Treatment On Valentines.

To keep you in their grips, many abusers will offer you the occasional treat, glimmer of love and normalcy mixed in with their continued abuse.

Stick to what you know of him from your time in your relationship. Yes, of course, accept and appreciate what he is doing for Valentine’s because it is essentially still an effort but engrave in your mind and in your heart, that he is still the same person hurting you again and again. Don’t be fooled. The help that he needs will take longer than just a day or two, it may actually take years.

      9. Be You, But Pretend If You Have To Save Your Life

For example, pretend you are not deeply affected by their constant negative comments but not about physical abuse. Pretend that you don’t mind them taking your money from your purse but next time put it in a safer place.

This is an important tool to master. All abused women should know the perfect version of themselves that will appease their abuser. Be you but be a careful “you” in order to save yourself from further abuse. If there are instances wherein he might constantly verbally abuse you, if you can let it go, just let it. It will save you the physical abuse.

It is also helpful if you can get rid of all possible issues that may get in the way of your Valentine’s celebration; get rid of all things that have brought forth anger and resentment in the past and may affect you during the day.

  10. Continue to make your plans to leave

Being apart will do you both good, especially you. Stay away for at least 6 months. If he has changed, you will know, you wouldn’t have to ask or force him to; that will normally lead to them feigning their transformation just to get you back in their grips and the abuse may actually get worse on your return. This is because they may want to punish you for what you put them through. e.g. humiliation, your disobedience to them, to prove a point.

As I said before no matter what happens, the best decision you can ever make is to leave. You may initially decide to leave him temporarily or just to leave him for good. That choice is entirely up to you. What I know for sure is that if you do it properly and focus on your growth and healing you will regain your confidence, which will put you in a frame of mind to make a more informed and thoughtful decision from a position of power.

If you think that he is capable of change, give him a chance to do so but let him truly battle his problems because you cannot do it for him. Even though you will be attempting to help him change, let’s be honest, you are not professionally trained or detached enough from the situation to be able to help. In addition, him asking you to help him is usually a lame ploy for you to go back to him, then the abuse cycle continues and many time it gets even worse. It would be best if he suitably and willingly receive professional help because essentially, this is a serious problem and he can only get all the help he needs in an appropriate environment.

The part that many abused victims find difficult is keeping their eyes, heart and mind open to the possibility that their spouse may never be interested in change. Focusing all their attention on trying to change another adult is like trying to take a breath under water. You need to come out of the water to take in the fresh air and once you are out you appreciate the power of your breath and the new natural / appropriate environment.

So there you have it, ten helpful tips for abused women to practice or do to prevent a stressful and possibly hurtful Valentine’s Day.

Ladies if you are experiencing abuse in your relationships you are not alone and you do not have to suffer in silence. There are a lot of information online, facilities, help desks and support groups in most countries and via the internet that one can go into for aid, assistance and guidance.

No one deserves to be physically, emotionally or psychologically abused. Get out when you still can and focus on your healing so that you can create the positive impact you were born to.

To learn how you can safely and confidently leave an abusive relationship have a look at our website

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Quiz Challenge

Quiz: How Good Are You At Spotting Spousal Abuse?


Let’s face it, we all see ourselves as being very knowledgeable about a lot of things. We would like to think that we could spot trouble from a mile off!

But we don’t all have the ‘sixth-sense’ qualities needed to spot an abuser or a victim of domestic abuse, or do you? Just how perceptive are you on this topic? Are you as curious as I am to find out?

Take our quiz and see for yourself!