The Author

Norval Abiona profileNorva Semoy Abiona is the #1 Amazon Bestselling International Author of ‘Time To Go’ and owner of the My Choice Marriage website! She is also the founder of the Wise Wife. She specialises in providing simple and practical solutions for relationship problems, focusing primarily on helping women who feel dispirited and are facing struggles in their marriage.

She takes pleasure in seeing how her contribution towards a 10% change in the life of an individual can make a 60% or more difference to their progress. This is done through the use of products, services and ideas to bring about a change in mindset. Norva has been quoted on Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS News.

Norva didn’t always have the dream marriage she has now.  There were years of mental, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her ex-husband before she broke free from the burden of guilt and failure. Now, married again and with children, she leads a life to be admired and one she thoroughly enjoys. Norva recognised early on in her second marriage that although she was free from domestic abuse she still had to work on herself and learn from her experiences in order to have an above average marriage. Since her mindset change and resulting ‘relationship focused’ decision , she discovered that it is possible to live life as a Wise Wife. This lifestyle model helps her to live authentically and enjoy intimacy in her marriage.

So what does it mean to be a Wise Wife?  Through her online tools and live workshops, Norva shows women how to  take their life and marriage to a higher level of intimacy and companionship. She also helps them evaluate whether or not they are in a healthy relationship that is worth growing together. If the union is toxic, Norva helps spouses to work towards achieving a happy and fulfilled life away from that abusive environment. If on the other hand the relationship is founded on love, regardless of how far gone it may seem, Norva helps women to be the best possible wife to their husband which can turn the tide in their relationship. So no matter which category you may fall in, Norva teaches that taking certain necessary steps leads to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Personal Rebel Statement:
My name is Norva Semoy Abiona. I love life and live a passion-filled, purposeful life that is full of laughter and joy. I was fed up of seeing women just ‘existing’ and living their life ‘by default’ rather than ‘on purpose’. Therefore I created the Wise Wife to inspire, teach, advise and support women in making their progressive, positive and ultimately powerful, change.

If you are curious and would like to take a sneak peak at a road map of my life’s journey so far, have a look at the map below. Go as far back are you like.